Soft rocks…

can you imagine though

you send your enemies a rather large amount of these in various sizes. you leave no return address or explanation. they open all the boxes to discover these wondrous pillows. they are reluctant to keep them but eventually they give in and integrate them into their home like the above pictures. after a few weeks or even months, theyve gotten accustomed to having them in their home and routinely relax in a large pile of the odd pillows. until one night you just take every single one back and replace them with actual rocks of the same dimensions so that when its time for them to relax and unwind from their day day fall into a pile of hard unmoving boulders. they break their spine and are paralyzed. you have won

What the fuck is wrong with you…



i was waiting for my snack wrap but everything changed when the fire nation attacked 

this looks like something out of a freaking sims game


whoever made these is going to jail. i aint playin games here




Monokuma Plush Pattern by Cosmode Magazine

I was looking through my old Cosmodes and realized that I had this lying around in issue 38, and I just had to share it for all the Dangan Ronpa fans out there. Did you ever want your own adorable plush Monokuma? Now you can have one!

CLICK HERE FOR A LARGER VERSION OF THE PATTERN PIECES!!! Scale as needed; I scanned at 1200dpi but this is also a shrunken down thumbnail version. 

Pattern is in Japanese but should be still readable with some plushmaking experience and a picture of Monokuma even if you don’t speak or read Japanese. However, for reference, the pattern tells you how many of each color to cut. 白 is white, 黒 is black, and 赤 is red. The pattern recommends fleece for the black and white, vinyl for the red, black and white self adhesive felt for the smile and the nose (as best as I can tell, use your judgement for this), and a button for the black eye. You glue the red vinyl on for the eye. You will also need a sharpie or fabric marker.

For some reason while working on the mockup version, they use orange fleece and horribly clashing thread. Don’t do this. Check the pictures of Monokuma and the sample FINISHED Monokuma for reference, and make sure to use the right thread!

Enjoy making your own Monokuma! Upupupupupupupu!